AgUnit 0.9

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Released: May 2, 2014
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Application AgUnit 0.9 for ReSharper 8.2
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Release Notes

AgUnit is available on the ReSharper Extension Gallery:

Manual installation

Copy the extracted files from into the "Bin\Plugins\" folder of your ReSharper installation
(default C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\ReSharper\v8.2\Bin\Plugins), create this folder if it does not exist.
Delete any previous versions of AgUnit you may have in this folder.

"Unblock" the .zip file in Windows before extracting it!

Make sure to "Unblock" any of the .dll files that are blocked.

Improvements in 0.9

  • ReSharper 8.2 support (for 8.0 or earlier, use previous versions ...)

Improvements in 0.8

  • ReSharper 8.0 support (for 7.1 or earlier, use previous versions ...)
  • Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 support
  • Silverlight 3, 4, and 5 support (Silverlight 5 developer runtime is required for all versions)
  • .NET 4 support (.NET 4.5 is no longer required)
  • Fixed Xunit runner (thanks to Matt for the support in xunitcontrib!)

Improvements in 0.7

  • ReSharper 7.1 support (for 7.0 or earlier, use previous versions ...)
  • Visual Studio 2012 support (Visual Studio 2010 will not work for now ...)

Improvements in 0.6

  • ReSharper 7 support
  • Visual Studio 2012 RC support (in addition to the existing Visual Studio 2010 support).
  • Dropped ReSharper 6 support (will reintroduce in future version)
  • Fixed Xunit runner

Improvements in 0.5

  • ReSharper 6.1.1 and 7 EAP support
  • Silverlight 5 support.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2011 Beta (in addition to the existing Visual Studio 2010 support).
  • Silverlight 5 runtime is now required! Even for Silverlight 3/4 unit test projects.

Improvements in 0.4

  • ReSharper 6.0 support (support for 4 and 5 dropped)
  • Uses StatLight behind the covers, see
  • NUnit and XUnit support
  • No more separate "Silverlight debug" option, you can now use the normal "Debug" option.
  • No more need for a System.Linq.Xml reference in the test project.

Bugfixes in 0.4.1

Problems when XUnit runner is not installed:

Bugfixes in 0.4.2

Running Silverlight Class Library / DLL test projects:

Known issues

  • Performance is bad for large test suites, compared to AgUnit 0.3. It should match the performance of the Silverlight toolkit test runner.
  • Test timings are incorrect
  • Tests are run out of order

NUnit support

NUnit tests can be run by using the nunit-silverlight project from your Silverlight test project.

XUnit support

XUnit tests can be run by using the xunitcontrib-silverlight project from your Silverlight test project.
You will also need to install the xunitcontrib-resharper plugin.

Reviews for this release

Works great for Silverlight 5 unit tests in Visual Studio 2013.4 with ReSharper 8.2.3. Thank you! :)
by icnocop on Apr 23, 2015 at 3:46 AM