ReSharper 9 compatibility

AgUnit 0.9 is not compatible with ReSharper 9 and is not available in Extension Manager

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Inconclusive results for inherited NUnit tests

I've been using AgUnit successfully with R# 8.2 and MSTest but am now looking at converting over to NUnit. I was able to get NUnit for my .NET projects and NUnitLite for my SL projects and it's mos...

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AgUnit 0.9 Resharper 8.2.1 - "No test classes were selected to be in the test run"

My Silverlight tests, when run, result it Ignored I've enabled ReSharper verbose logging and have found the following warning "WarningMessage=No test classes were selected to be in the test run"...

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AgUnit 0.9 / R# 8.2 - Tests won't run

Hi, we're experiencing a really strange problem with AgUnit 0.9, running in VS 2013 Update 2 with R# 8.2. Once we write one more line of code above a certain threshold, our tests just hang and ne...

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Cannot debug Silverlight unit tests with ReSharper 8

Hi, running Silverlight unit tests works fine, debugging does not. When I debug a test the VS goes to the debug view and hangs up. The wcfSvcHost ist started. To recover from this I have to end th...

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AgUnit 0.7 not running under R# 7.1

AgUnit is installed and loaded, but Silverlight tests do not run using the Silverlight runtime, as if the plugin was simply not there. Have attached screenshots of Options > Plugins, Unit Testing,...

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Class Initialize running for unrelated tests during debug

It seems that [ClassInitialise] for unrelated tests are being run when running tests through agUnit / R#. I'm guessing it's agUnit, because I don't get the same behaviour with running the tests vi...

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Resharper 6.1 and Silverlight 5 support

Any plans to to add support of Resharper 6.1 with SL5. If yes - then when?

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transformations do not work

When I run MS silverlight unit tests with agunit for 6.1 resharper all tests where I check elements positions with element.TransformToVisual(other) and similar functions fail with "The value does n...

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Unit test Runner failed to load test assembly

When i try to run silverlight tests i get the following error: FileNotFoundException; Cound not load file or Assembly 'System.Core, Version=, Culture=netural, PublicKeyToken=7cec85dbea7798...

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